About WINI Technologies

WINI (When I Need It, Where I Need It) Technologies WINI – When I Need It, Where I Need It. Provides systems and services for suppliers and customers based on location.

The revolutionary WINI technology can be applied to any business that needs the location information of the customer. It increases the efficiency of the business exponentially while costing a fraction of traditional systems to install and an even smaller fraction of the ongoing running costs.

There are multiple other applications in other sectors which use dispatch/call centres such as domestic emergency services (plumber, locksmith etc.); transport services (courier, breakdown etc.); automated information services, advertising and low cost vehicle tracking.

WINI’s Award winning system is operated as SAAS (Software As A Service) in the cloud allowing companies to benefit from the technology without incurring the capital expenditure of an enterprise solution. For example in the case of a dispatch call centre, the dispatch operator benefits from dramatically reduced running costs with the WINI system while still using their existing telephone number. For their customers it is a seamless transfer to new technology while still using the same trusted phone number they are used to.